Microsoft Expression Web


The mythical Frontpage's days are numbered


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Microsoft Expression Web aims to quickly replace Frontpage, which until now has been the U.S. giant's flagship Webpage design program.

A number of new and practical features have been added to the renewed interface, such as the ability to build web sites in different languages and better support for CSS.

Microsoft's handprint is also obvious in the amount of resources available for ASP.NET 2.0. Expression Web comes with fully integrated support for both the server as well as the user.

User account management, data access, validation tools... All these functions and many more can be easily carried out by clicking and dragging the commands across the page.

Another interesting development is the ability to insert different elements (lines, forms, divisions, etc) from the toolbar again using the click and drag technique.

Also included is the ability to run various tests on the page: accessibility, compatibility with different browsers and any style sheet errors.
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